About us

Since its foundation, the International Piano Forum aims to accompany pianists, who already achieved an extraordinary excellence in their performances. For this purpose, the International Piano Forum established the International German Piano Award (IGPA) as an award for outstanding performances.The International Piano Forum aims to support its prize winners in a sustainable way with deep enthusiasm and innovation worldwide. The mission of the Forum is to contribute to the conservation of culture and heritage in our society.

The International Piano Forum aims furthermore to preserve and introduce the classical piano music as a precious cultural asset through the involvement of the young generation in a sustainable manner. The awardees of the International German Piano Award are a positive example of how dedication, commitment and hard work is rewarded.

Another focus of the International Piano Forum is the social commitment with organization of benefit concerts.

I would like to thank our past as well as all our future awardees, nominees, jury members, spectators, partners and sponsors that accompany and support us. I also would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the members of the International Piano Forum, for their commitment and many years of dedication to our work.

Your International Piano Forum
Maryam Maleki, President

Under the Patronage of


Valery Gergiev

»The International Piano Forum promotes brilliant piano talents worldwide with great commitment and supports them in their international careers. A challenge I am pleased to accompany.«

Schirmherr Vogt

Lars Vogt

»The task of a pianist is diverse and includes an exact knowledge of the compositions, the composers, the period and the musical language. Most importantly it includes the deep understanding of one’s self and the boundless vastness, which is slumbering in all of us and composers have wonderfully expressed across all boundaries of time.«

Foto Dr. Peter Ramsauer

Dr. Peter Ramsauer

»I am pleased that the International Piano Forum contributes with its name and network to the growing success of its excellent piano talents.
Despite countless other piano competitions, something has never existed before: the International German Piano Award. Thus, the International German Piano Award earns unlimited gratitude of top German and international piano talents.«


Dr. Petra Roth

»The International German Piano Award is a cultural highlight. Its reputation has now spread well beyond the borders of Germany and is highly appreciated as a distinction for promoting excellence with the highest standards.«