BEST OF - 10 Years International German Piano Award

International piano competition in Frankfurt, Germany.

Nominations and Jury announcement

The International Piano Forum Frankfurt announces the nominations for the 10th anniversary of the International German Piano Award in 2020:
Who will get the chance to be the next winner?

Why do pianists like Yekwon Sunwoo, Eric Lu, Lukas Geniusas, JeungBeum Sohn or Dmitri Levkovich apply for the International German Piano Award? The question is not difficult to answer. The team of the International Piano Forum Frankfurt is committed to the benefit of its prize winners. There are lots of benefits for pianists applying for the award every year. In addition to the prize money of 20,000 euro + the audience prize of 3,000 euro, the initiators promise a sustained support. After the award ceremony, the prize winner will not only receive a CD recording, but also national and international concerts. The Forum is a fair gatekeeper and committed to ensure their rights, such as appropriate fees for concerts and to take care that they are not exploited by concert promoters. The Forum even organizes concerts itself to provide a stage for its winners. Nowadays it is difficult for a pianist to become a professional musician without a management. The International Piano Forum Frankfurt has even set new standards in this area. In a service package set up in favour of the pianist, which is not profit-oriented, the prize winners can join the IPF-MASTERS management.

The International Piano Forum Frankfurt announces, in close cooperation with the German Universities of Music, the evaluations of its nomination jurors, Professor Paul Dan, Professor Bernd Goetzke and Dmitri Levkovich for the 10th International German Piano Award 2020 as follows: They nominated 4 pianists representing the German Universities of Music:

Ziyu Liu, Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, People’s Republic of China
Hyelim Kim, Robert Schumann University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, South Korea
Jung Eun Sevérin Kim, University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover, South Korea
Philipp Scheucher, University of Music and Dance Cologne, Austria

The following 3 pianists are nominated directly by the International Piano Forum itself:

Rodolfo Leone, Italy
Yutong Sun, People’s Republic of China
Vurgun Vakilov, Azerbaijan

True masters: Young – moving – breath-taking! Their virtuosity knows no limits. Also, the 10th anniversary year will be a musically exciting and grandiose event! 

Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 | March 29 and 30 – 29. und 30. März
Literaturhaus Frankfurt



Gala Concert – Gala Konzert | March 31 – 31. März
Great Hall – Großer Saal Alte Oper Frankfurt